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EQ and Service Solutions

Experience the most interactive EQ and Customer Service Training!

Do your employees project professional image?
Do your employees know what different types of customers your organizations have?
Do your employees understand the benefits of customer loyalty and integrate the put-customers-first behaviors in everything they do?
Are they committed to the process of building customer loyalty?
How do they interact with customers?
How do we create dedicated customer service employees?
How do we make service memorable?

Service encounters change customers’ expectation and satisfaction everyday. Emotions and moods of both customer service employees and the customers influence employees’ service behaviors and customer satisfaction.

Learn how the skills of Emotional Intelligence help us appreciate differences, resolve customers’ problems effectively, and better manage emotions in us and those of others productively.

“Being able to manage emotions in someone else is the core of the art of handling relationships”

Dr. Daniel Goleman
The author of Emotional Intelligence



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