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Workshop Manual – for Learning and Reference

Our professionally-bound Think on Your Feet ® Workshop Manual is used
throughout the workshop and provides an excellent post-course reference.

  • Concept Overview and Examples

    The workshop content is explained with copies of key slides and “real-world”
    examples, allowing participants to listen and learn with comfort.

  • Plenty of Worksheets

    Worksheets allow participants to assess impact, structure thoughts and prepare their ideas.

  • Convenient Job Aids

    Memory-jogging tools help participants learn the techniques and quickly transfer their new skills to the workplace.

How the Workshop Process Runs

The highly interactive workshop comprises three aspects and appeals to all learning styles.

  1. Instructor explains and demonstrates each technique – using practical
    examples. This allows participants to experience and observe the technique in
  2. Participants practice each technique with feedback – boosting transfer of
    learning by applying on-the-job situations. Coaching and feedback from the
    instructor and other participants help participants to learn the techniques and
    adjust for impact.
  3. Participants’ discussion – involving short discussion to highlight technique &
    strengths and solve problems on the spot (kept on track by the instructor).
    Perfect for participants to reflect on the process.

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