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Global Partners Who Offer
Think on Your Feet ®
We Tailor to Your Needs
Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand Institute of Management

Dublin, Ireland
Irish Management Institute

Hong Kong
Hong Kong Management Association

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Partners Conference & Event Management

London, England
Capita Learning
Monadnock International
Holst Group

Singapore Institute of Management

Sydney & Melbourne
Australian Institute of Management

Tokyo, Japan
Learning Masters (International), Inc.

You can enjoy the benefits of a workshop
tailored to you company and industry.
Through briefings with our Customer
Service Managers, we will customize the
workshop to fit your needs.

The TOYF ® team has experience
adapting the Think on Your Feet? core
program to meet the needs or certain

Customer Service
Financial Services
Human Resources and Training
Legal, Accounting, Consulting
Pharmaceutical and Health Care
Sales and Marketing
Technical and Scientific

Global Industries We Service
Think on Your Feet? has achieved
worldwide recognition as one of the most
original and useful communication
courses taught today. It is delivered
through an international network of

Consumer Products
Energy, Resources and Manufacturing
Financial Services
Government and Education
Information Technology
Legal, Accounting, Consulting
Pharmaceuticals and Health Care
Service Industry

Offered through affiliates: North America, Europe, Asia (in over 20 countries)
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